Hockey Trading Pins

Hockey is one of the most exciting, visceral, and fast-paced games there is! Whether you’re a player, coach or a fan, there’s no better way to commemorate a team, tournament or championship quite like creating custom hockey trading pins.

Fun Things to Add To Your Custom Hockey Pins

Our hockey pins have become a must-have item among hockey teams. These cool, custom designed pins can have a wide variety of unique features, such as:

  • Sliders
  • Danglers
  • Blinkers
  • Glitter
  • Bobbleheads

When you order your custom hockey pins with The Pin Creator, you are given full control over your design.  You can choose to have your team colors matched exactly using the Pantone Color Chart as well as your team logo added to the pins. Additionally, you’re able to pick what type of finish you would like: soft enamel, die-struck, offset printed, silkscreen printed or photo etched.

Die Struck, custom designed, trading pin, with added spinner, for trading power

Hockey Tournaments Are Experiences Worth Remembering

Tournament season is here and there’s no more exciting time for players and fans alike! From Mites to Peewees, Bantams, Midgets and Squirts, these teams are getting ready and hoping to make it to The Fargo Tournaments and Silver Stick Tournaments amongst many others.

The tournaments in Fargo are the highlight of the season. This enormous gathering of over 300 teams really showcases up-and-coming hockey talent. Players of all ages and skill levels take their turn on the ice, and the competition is fierce but rewarding. For the kids involved in hockey, it is an opportunity not to be missed.

Hockey Trading Pins Have Become Quite A Sensation

Custom Silk Screen, Hockey trading pin with team name, state name and city name

If you’re planning to take your team to any tournaments this season, you need to make sure you have enough hockey pins for all of the kids to trade. Don’t wait! Trading hockey pins is part of the fun and excitement of the tournament! Now is the perfect time to start ordering your perfect custom-designed hockey pins.

When ordering your custom hockey trading pins for your team, make sure you select a design that really represents your teamand stands out from all the others. As a premier designer of hockey pins for many years, we have quite a few bold and highly acclaimed designs in our gallery to provide ideas and inspiration for your perfect custom pin. We offer a host of options to give your hockey pin distinction and improve its trading power. Make this tournament the one that your team never forgets!

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