5 Simple Tips To A Great Lapel Pin Design

Lapel pins can be designed in many different ways but a good custom pin will represent your company, your sport team, or your years of service pin to reflect your cause and compliment it.

Helpful tips

Planning your eye-catching lapel pin design:

Corporate pin for, Woman of the Year, VIP Member

1. Experienced lapel pin designers and creators are very important, it shows in the final product.

2. Setup a budget before the design process to keep on task.

3. Order early and get ahead of the crowds!This allows you to get your lapel pins in plenty of time

4. Order plenty!  The more you buy, the greater the discount, so plan well!

5. Check, Check and recheck your proofs.  Check for spelling errors, roster numbers, employee name, company colors.

Our professional designers have created amazing lapel pin designs for many corporations and sport teams just by a good description or even a design concept sketched out on paper.

Use our Pantone color chart to help you get just the right color match for your lapel pin design

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